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Can you still love your body & while wanting to change it?

Growing up, you can't control is when and how your body is going to mature and how people respond to the changes.

I hated my body for the longest time-- It seemed so wrong to me that I couldn't look like the industry standards. I was 5'0", matured early, had some thick brows, and glasses...Yeah, puberty was tough for Josey Carter.

Another thing that really bothered me was my legs. They are short, thick, and seemed impossible slim down. This really bothered me all through middle school and into high school. I hated that no matter what I did, they were never long and thin. I would hear comments about my butt being too big or I would hear comments about how I should become a powerlifter because I had more muscle than a lot of people. At that time, those things seemed like a total insult!—funny how our perspectives change!

Fast Forward to learning to love my muscles, dimples, flaws, and all. Now when people make comments about my body, I simply say, "Thank you, I work hard...” even if they may be saying it in an insulting way. I don’t care. - Sometimes those terrible things we use to say to ourselves resurface. “You shouldn’t wear that,”or “Why can’t I get rid of this?” - This year I made a goal for myself to get over my shit and embrace my body for what it is. This includes wearing shorts several times per week (I hate working out in shorts, but I'm working on it). Yes, I have a nice little bit of cellulite on my thighs, but it's me and it's normal....(See...working on it).

My challenge to you is to break through your insecurities and know that we are all so perfect in our own ways. Yes, we can love our bodies and still want to see improvements in them but cheer yourself on; don't put yourself down!

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