Gaining Confidence in the Gym

One of my biggest goals for my business is to empower women and to help them realize they can do anything they set their minds to. So often we create our own anxiety and it creates a large burden for us. I have seen this in all aspects of life, from taking a leap at a job switch, to starting a family.

Now, this isn’t quite as extreme as making a huge job switch or starting a family, but one small win is overcoming weight room anxiety and being a confident woman in a gym setting. I remember being extremely meek and nervous to go into the “free weight” part of the gym because there were big, sweaty guys everywhere and I didn’t know what I was doing…EEK, RIGHT!?

Once I researched different workout plans and designated routine for the weight room, I finally felt like I had a place in there!

Through my own experiences, I wanted to share a few tips for overcoming the anxiety and rocking this part of your workout:

{{Have a workout plan}} Know what lifts you are going to be doing….If you walk in with no plan you are going to feel unorganized and kind of out of your element. Even for me, 6+ years later, I still like to ALWAYS have a plan for what I am going to do for my workouts.  Have a plan so you can save time and feel confident!

{{Ask a friend to go with you}} Strength in Numbers, right!? When you are working out with a friend, it can be fun and easy!

{{Focus on YOU!}} This is your time, your workout, and your gains…I like to wear a hat because this helps me feel more “in my zone” and on my own mission.

{{ Take a fitness class}} You guys, fitness classes are AMAZING! Not only do you get involved with an amazing community, but you also learn proper form and some fun new moves! The instructors are there to make you feel at home and confident.

{{Go during off-peak hours}} It is less intimidating when you have your space and can take some time on your training.

{{Get some fun workout clothes}} This sounds so silly, but think about it like this…When you are going to work in a business suit, you feel more put together right?? Well, when you go to the gym with a fun new pair of tights, you might feel a little bit better and super freaking fierce! My favorite brands are Fabletics, Athleta, Alo, and Lululemon.

{{Enjoy the process}} It is a learning experience. Roll with it and enjoy the process. When you start to see results and you feel that endorphin kick, you will catch the gym bug and become a regular!

I hope this gives you the confidence to take a leap and try new things at the gym!

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